1. Bobby Summa

    Bobby Summa - Binary Finary 1998 (Bobby’s Curios remix)

    10 min remix I made of a classic trance number. Style wise I’d say it’s a mixture of Ambient Techno, Acid, Progressive Trance & House. Great fun was had! https://on.soundcloud.com/Ni4Ud9zAZptRXfVy5
  2. BladeRunner_

    DJ Philip - Spring [1998]

  3. Progrez

    The Cosmic Junkie - The Cosmic Junkie (1998)


    Goliath - Electric? Funky! [1998]

    After the massive commercial success of 'Members of Mayday - Sonic Empire' in Germany (NO.1 hit in the cd/vinyl/radio charts), everybody wanted a piece from the cake, so many producers/labels wanted to release something very similiar in the '80's electro/break/bass' style, also some 'live' acts...
  5. BladeRunner_

    Paragliders - Change Me [1998]

  6. Nerio

    Final Fantasy - I Close My Eyes (1998)

    Trance mix: Speed up version: DJSoh mix (2016):
  7. sszecret

    ATB - 9PM (Till I Come) (incl. 9PM, Club mixes) [1998]

    Released: 1998 Label | Cat#: Kontor Records | Kontor035 Club Mix - in effect the 'original' mix, sometimes credited as the Clubb Mix. 9PM Mix - slightly more interesting than the original IMO. Sequential One Remix - not part of Kontor035, but in fact released later by Ministry of Sound...

    Pablo Gargano - War World [1998]

    Stunning Trance BOMB.... the part from 4:26 is SUBLIME!! Pablo Gargano - War World
  9. BladeRunner_

    Mauro Picotto - Lizzard (Picotto Mix) [1998]

  10. BladeRunner_

    Mea Culpa - Mea Culpa [1998]

  11. BladeRunner_

    Mea Culpa - Spiritual Light (incl. John '00' Fleming remix) [1998]

  12. Uplifted

    Safron - Lost In Paradise [1998]

    A very nice tune from Michael Kjeldgaard aka Safron which was first time featured in the little-known compilation called 'Various - This Is Rave 2' in 1998. It was rereleased in 2012 on Hypnotic Records in a slightly faster bpm. Safron - Lost in Paradise (1998 Version) Safron - Lost in...
  13. Hensmon

    Airwave - Venus of My Dreams [1998]

    It builds so nicely, what an amazing track from Airwave, now 22 years old!! Gotta mention the simpleness of the drums as well, just lovely. From the double album - I Want To Believe. Track of the Week - July 2020 - Week 1