1. Archon

    Junkie XL - Red/Heat [2001]

    Fantastic find. Surely one of his best? For me Heat takes the cake, but Red is also quite good. Interestingly, Heat contains the sample from the movie Batman - one movie which, a decade later, Junkie XL will also provide score for (The Dark Knight Rises).
  2. BS_BlackScout

    Ascension - For A Lifetime (Space Brothers Juzzy Extended Mix) [2001]

    There is a reason I made a separate thread for this. This mix had been unofficially released for years but it seems like back in March they re-released it under their remasters album: Old version (iirc a reconstruction):
  3. BladeRunner_

    Chi-A.D. - Purity [2001]


    Yoogie van Bellen & Christian Linder - Electric Nite / Atmospheric [2001]

    Superb deep/atmo release from my beloved 'Van Bellen'.. both tracks are super solid.. back in the days I was more into 'Electric Nite', now is 'Atmospheric' the winner: Yoogie van Bellen & Christian Linder - Electric Nite Yoogie van Bellen & Christian Linder - Atmospheric Again not the...
  5. Archon

    Arksun - One Day [2001]

    Part 1 is one of those rare tracks which, despite listening to it dozens of times, can still give me shivers. The climax is otherworldly - takes a lot of time to get there, but once the piano is introduced it is one of the most beautiful tracks in the entire genre - for me, at least. Excellent...
  6. sszecret

    Astral Projection - Tryptomine Dream (+ Unbelievable Technology) [1999 / 2001]

    Released: 1999 (Another World) | 2001 (VA - Zeitlos) Label | Cat#: Trust In Trance Records (T.I.T. CD 019) | Waldorf Records (Waldorf Records 01) Tryptomine Dream Unbelievable Technology The reason why I posted these together is because Unbelievable Technology is the ambient /...
  7. BladeRunner_

    Taucher - Pictures Of A Gallery (Kay Cee Remix) [2001]

  8. BladeRunner_

    Airwave - God Surrounds Us [2001]


    Saints & Sinners - Peace [1997]

    Sublime remixes from Oliver Lieb and Humate, the original version is a early Van Bellen production released only as a B-side in 1997. I had today the Lieb remix three times on repeat. Power bomb. The remixes are from 2001. Saints & Sinners ‎- Peace (Oliver Lieb Remix) Saints & Sinners ‎-...
  10. BladeRunner_

    Mike Vandenberg – Flux Capacitor [2001]

  11. BladeRunner_

    The Space Brothers - Everywhere I Go (Push Trancental Mix) [2001]

  12. Uplifted

    Ultra Vibe ‎- Choose Freedom / Microcosmos [2001]

    Ultra Vibe is a one time project between M.I.K.E. & Airwave. I discovered "Choose Freedom" from the "Push live @ Trance Energy 2001" video on YouTube and since then I've put it in my top favourite trance tunes ever! \O/ Ultra Vibe ‎- Choose Freedom Ultra Vibe ‎- Microcosmos Push live @...
  13. BS_BlackScout

    Abigail - You Set Me Free (Incl. Mindtrap Mix) [2001]

    I am not sure if Andy & Lamboy Mixes are the Originals or what... [Mindtrap Mix] [Andy & The Lamboy Club Mix] [Andy & The Lamboy Dub Mix] [Andy & The Lamboy Radio Mix] Some other radio mix? Vocal Mastering is a bit rough but it sounds like A&B a bit...
  14. Uplifted

    Mekka - Diamondback [2001]

    Beautiful track from Mekka aka Jake Williams, which is the only single from him. Stunning vocal sample and mesmerizing melody. Mekka - Diamondback (Original Mix)
  15. BS_BlackScout

    Above & Beyond pres. Tranquility Base - Razorfish (Original Mixes) [2001]

    My favourite mix: PS: Today while Tony played the Progressive Mix of Razorfish he said this song started out as a remix and then had incorporated elements from about 6 tracks. I got confirmation from him that Humate - Love Stimulation was one of them!
  16. Uplifted

    Lost It.Com ‎- Animal (incl. Trance Mix) [2001]

    An unpopular Perfecto tune which is so amazing. The melody carries you away! Lost It.Com ‎– Animal (Trance Mix) Lost It.Com - Animal (Extended Original Mix)
  17. Uplifted

    Meridian - Starving Dolphins [2001]

    'Starving Dolphins' is one of my favourite tracks from Laurent Veronnez :alien: I think I've heard it first time at one of Reactivate compilations. Despite it's sad title I find this tune very inspiring. Meridian - Starving Dolphins Meridian - Nympheas
  18. BS_BlackScout

    Sonic Inc. - The Taste of Summer (Incl. Fire and Ice Vital Remix) [2000]

  19. BS_BlackScout

    Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above & Beyond 12'' Club Mix) [2001]

    The track that jumpstarted their career. 2022 REMASTER! One of my favourite remix of theirs, absolutely.
  20. Aric3

    Silvertear - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Remix) [2001]

    I’ll make my first thread in this section about a song that I really appreciate. This song always lifts me up whoever I listen to it. One of my favorite things about the track is right before the main melody picks up, putting that melody under a deep phaser. I just like that effect a lot.