1. sszecret

    Fractal Structure - Coloured Melody / Under Impression (incl. Abbott & Chambers Remix) [2006]

    Released: 9 August 2006 Label: Alter Ego Records Cat#: ae005 Coloured Melody Under Impression Coloured Melody (Abbott & Chambers Remix) The remix is my personal favorite, but the originals aren't half bad either. Included both the vinyl jacket and the EP cover for the digital...
  2. Archon

    Nico Parisi vs Erik Hubo - Metro [2006]

    Found this on ASOT Classics 7. It was the last track, but one of the few I absolutely loved from it. The compilation, and this track, certainly made me discover, fall in love with, and start exploring classic trance. I've never looked back. I love how simple this one is. A simple riff, a groovy...
  3. Progrez

    Mark Otten & Perry O'Neil - We are not Innocent (2006)

    Mark Otten Mix It has that lovely lead similar to bloodlock and it was an ID back in 2006 when I first heard it on ASOT Perry O'Neil Mix Mark Otten remix for me
  4. BladeRunner_

    The Auranaut - Highway At Night [2006]

  5. Uplifted

    Samuelzone - Intox Rox (incl. Sean Tyas Remix) [2006]

    A masterpiece from Jesper Samuelson. Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Original Mix) Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Sean Tyas Remix)
  6. Uplifted

    Arctic Quest - Renaissance / Femme Fatale [2006]

    Renaissance is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Arctic Quest - Renaissance Arctic Quest - Femme Fatale
  7. BS_BlackScout

    Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine? [2006]

    One of my first Trance tracks back when I got into the genre in 2016 (also the same time I registered in TF).
  8. BS_BlackScout

    Hiver & Hammer - Fusion 2006 (Incl. Remixes) [2006]

    Original Mix Remixes: One of my top 5 tracks... Super 8 Remix Super8 as always being one of the most iconic sounds of Anjunabeats (despite being a Somatic Sense release). Love that sidechain, jesus... Carl B below...