1. BladeRunner_

    The Auranaut - Highway At Night [2006]

  2. Uplifted

    Samuelzone - Intox Rox (incl. Sean Tyas Remix) [2006]

    A masterpiece from Jesper Samuelson. Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Original Mix) Samuelzone - Intox Rox (Sean Tyas Remix)
  3. Uplifted

    Arctic Quest - Renaissance / Femme Fatale [2006]

    Renaissance is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Arctic Quest - Renaissance Arctic Quest - Femme Fatale
  4. BS_BlackScout

    Kyau & Albert - Are You Fine? [2006]

    One of my first Trance tracks back when I got into the genre in 2016 (also the same time I registered in TF).
  5. BS_BlackScout

    Hiver & Hammer - Fusion 2006 (Incl. Remixes) [2006]

    Original Mix Remixes: One of my top 5 tracks... Super 8 Remix Super8 as always being one of the most iconic sounds of Anjunabeats (despite being a Somatic Sense release). Love that sidechain, jesus... Carl B below...