Fractal Structure - Coloured Melody / Under Impression (incl. Abbott & Chambers Remix) [2006]

Maxim Holod (as Fractal Structure), Matt Abbott & Chris Chambers (as Abbott & Chambers)
Release title
Coloured Melody / Under Impression (physical) Fractal Structure EP (digital)
Label name
Alter Ego Records
Release year


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Jul 19, 2020
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Released: 9 August 2006
Label: Alter Ego Records
Cat#: ae005

Coloured Melody

Under Impression

Coloured Melody (Abbott & Chambers Remix)

The remix is my personal favorite, but the originals aren't half bad either.

Included both the vinyl jacket and the EP cover for the digital release, as they differ. The digital version was released as the Fractal Structure EP.