1. sszecret

    Aquya - Subsystem (incl. You Are My Salvation, The Digital Blonde mixes) [2017]

    Released: 03 July 2017 (Beatport) | 17 July 2017 (Other stores) Label: Forescape Digital Cat#: FOR020 Blurb: Original Mix The Digital Blonde Remix You Are My Salvation Remix I was under the impression that somebody had posted this already, but I must've thought about old TF...

    No Moon - Is It Vibey Is It Yolo [2017]

    My first thread in this section.. well, well, there is not really many cool stuff from the last decade, too much melodies, less atmo, strange times for the trance genre. But I liked this one wen it came out, totally my kind of trancyness. No Moon - Is It Vibey Is It Yolo Maybe somebody will...
  3. BladeRunner_

    Trancemaster - Neptune's Orb [2017]