Aquya - Subsystem (incl. You Are My Salvation, The Digital Blonde mixes) [2017]

Aquya, Your Are My Salvation, The Digital Blonde
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Forescape Digital
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Jul 19, 2020
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Released: 03 July 2017 (Beatport) | 17 July 2017 (Other stores)
Label: Forescape Digital
Cat#: FOR020


As we're always looking for the new talents out there we have to explore undiscovered territories and Estonia has become our new point of interest as Aquya sent us his fresh original called Subsystem.

Spacey pads and thrilling synths catch our ears instantly as the tune kicks in and just a few moments later we're locked into the psy-progressive trance build-up with landscapes atmosphere and interesting FX sounds, as we're getting towards the breakdown, a beautiful melancholic thrilling melody comes in and makes us wait for something really special, and this catchy guitar croquis is exactly what we've been waiting for!

Such great ideas must be used by someone who has his own unique trancey sound and we have 2 brilliant mixes from The Digital Blonde and You Are My Salvation, both of them need no introduction for a regular listener of Global Trance Grooves for example and they delivered bombs!

You can instantly recognize Ricky's music when you hear his trademark unique sounding pads and pounding, banging basslines and rhythms, this one isn't exception, clever use of original melodic elements and stabs worked out really well and we have a really strong psy influenced trance remix which gets even more driving after the breakdown as the climax section takes no prisoners!

You Are My Salvation has always been trying to tell a story with his music and this 12'' remix he did is like a new unwritten book of your favorite poet, his remix kicks in with a beautiful cinematic intro section followed by an amazing main part when all the synths, pads and melodies intertwine and make us completely lost in music, if you're a fan of progressive trance with beautifully-crafted synth lines this remix by John will instantly go into your collection of music, it's not much to say about it, just listen and get lost in trance in its most natural form!

Original Mix

The Digital Blonde Remix

You Are My Salvation Remix

I was under the impression that somebody had posted this already, but I must've thought about old TF. Either way, one of my favorite Forescape releases among the impressive selection of great signings (like Natural Power, Wasteland, the YAMS Remix of Ground Control etc etc). @Enlusion

No contest for me, @Sleeping remix wins by a country mile. The breakdown of his mix is lush as fuck (pardon my French).
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Yes, it's a great release. I started with the Yams and DB remix and skipped the original but after a few years and multiple plays the original grew on me too.
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