1. Archon

    What has 2020 been like for you, musically?

    I want to hear from everyone here. From casual to passionate listeners, amateur to pro producers, DJs, labels... What has 2020 been like for you, musically? Have you discovered a new genre, have your preferences shifted, have you been more or less creative and productive...? Write on... A...
  2. Archon

    2020, In Review

    So, what has 2020 been like for y'all? All is accepted, from fire 2020 memes to long in-depth posts about personal experiences, good or bad. What has happened to you in 2020, and what's your view of the entire year? Here's also the music equivalent of the thread: What has 2020 been like for...
  3. Hensmon

    Jerome Isma Ae & Milkwish - No Time To Wait

    What you guys think of this one?
  4. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Yuzo Koshiro - Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 4 Soundtrack 2020 Ver

    The best Japanese trance producer out there. (Perhaps the only one as well?) They are remastered as well. Original is from 2004 :D. Tracklist: 1. Entry Maxi4 2. Get Your Engine Going 3. Pleasures of Speed 4. Nostalgia 5. Drifting Into You 6. Who's Your Rival 7. Glory Days 8. Never Throw Away...
  5. Hensmon

    OUT Hoopoe - Hutan [Pure Trance]

    Sounds pretty good. Touches of 303 acid sounds, which is nicely done, not too over the top. Really got taken into a mind flight when I tried this with my headphones, especially the breakdown. Never heard of this guy before. Original Mix
  6. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Jorn Van Deynhoven & Sue McLaren - I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) [Armada]

    Ghosted by Dennis Schimonik.
  7. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Reverie (Above & Beyond Extended Club Mix)

    Sounds quite good to be honest, better than Jono's A&B's usual okayish releases. I like when their tracks sound mellow and sad. Those Rank 1 - Airwave chords though...
  8. Hensmon

    Best House/Techno/Progressive/Deep of 2020

    Place to share the best House/Techno and it's sub-styles from 2020 Jody Wisternoff - Andromeda
  9. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Erislandy - Totem (Extended Mix) [Monster Force]

    I quite like the drop on this one...
  10. Hensmon

    Tiesto pres. VER:WEST - 5 Seconds Before Sunrise

    Is this his Tranciest release in the last... 8 years? I would say its more Progressive House than Trance, but wonder if he is gonna do something in this style again at some point. I think it sounds pretty nice for the most part, not that memorable perhaps.
  11. Hensmon

    Best Trance track of 2020

    Share the best Trance releases from the year. Lots of good music being released still, look forward to your suggestions. Here's some of the ones shared in the current old forum thread: Matt Holliday - Convex Infected Mushroom, Freedom Fighters, & Mr. Bill - Freedom Bill The Noble Six -...
  12. Hensmon

    OUT Trance Wax - Manaya EP [Anjunabeats]

    Great stuff from Anjunabeats. Manaya Northern Sky Alone Again