Silent Breed - Sync In [1997]

    THE Techno track that massively influenced German Hard Trance. Firstly released on Heckmann's own label A.F.U. (Acid Fuckers Unite), later the next year was the track licensed to Tracid Traxxx as their 4th release (incl. Tomcraft Remix).. strong club anthem played by nearly everybody in...
  2. sashamlenik

    Lange - I Believe [1999]

    One of my all time favourites. Tandu's remix is awesome.
  3. Katadunkass

    Cass & Slide - Perception (Incl. Vocal Mix) [2000]

    Yeah, we can't really have a "classic" section without one of the biggest classics ever: Class & Slide - Perception. To me it has always been about the vocal mix, which was released in 2000. The original, non-vocal mix, was released in 1999 on Automatic Records while re-released on Additive with...