Thomas P. Heckmann
Release title
Sync In
Label name
A.F.U. / Tracid Traxxx / Additive
Release year


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Jul 21, 2020
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THE Techno track that massively influenced German Hard Trance.

Firstly released on Heckmann's own label A.F.U. (Acid Fuckers Unite), later the next year was the track licensed to Tracid Traxxx as their 4th release (incl. Tomcraft Remix).. strong club anthem played by nearly everybody in Germany.. What was called German Hard Trance of the late 90's (Cosmic Gate, Dj Scot Project, Kai Tracid, Mellow Trax) was mostly influenced by Sync In.

Silent Breed - Sync In

Silent Breed - Sync In (Tomcraft Mix)

New versions were released in 2005, 2007 (10 Year Anniversary Remixes) and in 2019.

Silent Breed - Sync In (WJ Henze Silent Breed 2005 Remix)