angry man

  1. sszecret

    Scientific Harmony - Purgatory (Part 1) (incl. Angry Man, Ciaran McAuley remixes) [2015]

    Release Date: 30 March 2015 Label / Cat#: Borderline Music / BORDM051 Angry Man Remix Ciaran McAuley Remix After a bit of back and forth with @s3baman over on Reddit and some sleuthing, might as well post this one here too. Though not on Discogs from what I'm able to see, this is the...
  2. sszecret

    Angry Man - After Dawn / Synthetic Fury [2012]

    Release date: 27 August 2012 Catalog Number: PERFLU020 Description After Dawn Synthetic Fury I clearly remember when this came out, it was like a record scratch. Besides the few who knew who the two behind the project were, Angry Man seemed to have come out of nowhere and just knocked...