Active Sight - Tears Of Joy [2004]

    Pure class, Fred Baker with M.I.K.E. Push in their better times, btw I never liked the A-side of the vinyl..
  2. Gijs

    OUT Jorn van Deynhoven - Fiesta Del Sol [Armada Captivating]

    Nice progressive one by Jorn. Strange that it took this long for it to be released. 'The Future Is Now' Album mix:
  3. Uplifted

    Morpheus ‎- Signs / Magnetica [2003]

    Morpheus is a project created by Steve Helstrip aka The Thrillseekers & Paul Mendez aka 1/2 Exposure. 'Signs' is my favourite creation made by Steve, and one of my top 20 favourite ever tunes. It just melts my heart with it's melancholic and at the same time inspiring melody :cry: Morpheus -...