1. Gagi

    OUT Robert Leiner - 2020 [Bandcamp]

    Robert Leiner's album consisting of downtempo tracks made by him between 2000 and 2005. Really good stuff. @Katadunkass
  2. Exodom

    Anyone here also into Downtempo, Lo-Fi or Chill-Hop music?

    It's my most listened to type of genre by far I think. I work all day with these relaxing background sounds, cook with it, play games to it, read books etc. Its ultimate chill, no thinking required music really isn't it?. Lo-Fi artists really doesn't even try to make tracks, instead its like...
  3. BS_BlackScout

    OUT Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - Falling (Julee Cruise Cover)

    I know it's not necessarily Trance, feel free to move this somewhere. But holy, finally some good A&B music. _ If you look closer at the stuff Paavo has been doing with Spencer and the stuff Tony has just done... The only reason I can think as to why Above & Beyond's tracks are sometimes...