1. Uplifted

    Will Rees ft. Tara Greene - Spiralling [Subculture]

    It's been 10 years since I've discovered Will Rees in 2013, and he still is on fire. I rarely enjoy any vocal trance these days, but this one is pretty epic. As always, his melodies are out of this world \o/ Will Rees ft. Tara Greene - Spiralling (starting from 38:07) + slowed down version...
  2. Altair

    Lolo - Sunset [2002]

    Trance from the heart. There was also an ambient mix from Adrien Aubrun in 2008: And I made my own custom artwork a number of years ago:
  3. Uplifted

    Outwalkers - Eternal Flame (incl. Remixes) [2010]

    In my opinion 2010 was the best year for Blue Soho Recordings. So many great gems were out back then, tracks with true emotions... Eternal Flame is one of my favourites from that label, especially the original one. Made by russian duo Alexei Smirnov & Artyom Zhurkin. Outwalkers - Eternal...
  4. Uplifted

    Reconceal & Andy Blueman - The World To Come (incl. Remixes) [2009]

    Perceptive has always been one of my favourite uplifting trance labels in terms of emotional intensity. Labels like these which are always supporting little-known artists and releasing these underground gems are always in my priority - too bad they usually don't last long... Andy Blueman mix...
  5. Julian Del Agranda

    Photon Project - Enlightenment / Illumination [2000]

    These tracks aren't the most well known classics perhaps, but they are simply mindblowing. They are both a sort of early preview of the sound that later in 2007/2008 would grow into a whole 'movement'. The orchestral-uplifting-'emotional'-plucky-blueman-soundlift-movement. This double single...
  6. Uplifted

    FX Zone - Synthasia (incl. Nu NRG Remix) [2003]

    My favourite remix from this duo no doubt. Proper emotional 'Alphazone/Flutlicht/SCHOKK' style gem! \o/ FX Zone - Synthasia (Nu NRG Remix) FX Zone - Synthasia (Original Mix)