1. sszecret

    Façade - Half Way Home (Incl. Kago Pengchi, UDM Remixes) [2012]

    Released: 30 July 2012 | BP Link Label: Unearthed Records Cat.#: UNER091 Blurb: Original Mix Kago Pengchi Remix UDM Remix I remember posting about this when it came out. Wild to think that was 12 years ago this July. Yikes. Aging aside, one of my favorite Unearthed releases...
  2. Z Dobrej Woli

    Facade - Daedra [Forescape Digital]

    I’m a sucker for @facade1984’s style, so his new single on Forescape (@Enlusion) is a must-check! ❤️ More to hear on last Forescape Radio (since 29:42):
  3. mrx.friend

    OUT Facade - The Boundless Universes [Research & Development Music]

  4. Enlusion

    OUT Pico Boulevard — Society (incl. Facade, Nomas, Obie Fernandez Remixes) [Forescape Digital]

    I'm personally proud of this release. Original is one of my favorite tracks of the year and these remixes are just amazing, everybody added something fresh.
  5. Vicmarran

    OUT Facade - Wabbajack [JOOF Recordings]

  6. erickUO

    OUT Mind Of Us - Behind Her Eyes [Prognosis]

    Good modern prog remix by Facade. I don't care about the other versions though. Facade Remix Original Mix Glenn Molloy Remix
  7. skyriderz

    OUT Facade - Our Reptillian Overlords (incl Everlight Remix) [No Remorse/ Cdr]

    Released 3 months ago, reminds of Mauro Picotto, brilliant production from Facade Here is banging Everlight Remix which is available as free download
  8. Enlusion

    Facade — Razor Crest (incl. Basil O'Glue & Nomas, Slam Duck Remixes)

    Early support from John 00 Fleming on his latest 4-hour stream.
  9. Sleepy Robot

    OUT Facade - Altona (incl. John Dopping Remixes) [JOOF Recordings]

    Not sure on the labeling of the tracks. It says John did the remixing of both tracks but labeling suggests part 1 is his original production. It's not totally clear for me. Or they just messed it up them selves. Part 1 Part 2 Part 1 (John Dopping Remix) Part 2 (John Dopping Remix)
  10. Pinguin

    OUT Façade - Orewa [JOOF Recordings]

    01. Orewa (Original Mix) 02. Orewa (@Narel Remix) 03. Weta (Original Mix)