1. Z Dobrej Woli

    Stoneface & Terminal - Sun & Soul [FSOE]

    New S&T track on main FSOE :)
  2. Uplifted

    0Gravity - Take My Breath [FSOE]

    Just heard it in Aly & Fila Luminosity 2024 set and immediately decided to share it. A potential uplifting tune of the year for me, took me a few seconds of listening to realize that! Gives me classic Thomas Bronzwaer vibe, classic Discover Records style \O/ 0Gravity - Take My Breath P.S...
  3. Z Dobrej Woli

    MurZo - Perfect Storm [FSOE]

    Third release from @MurZo on the main FSOE :)
  4. Z Dobrej Woli

    Renegade System - Playing With Fire [FSOE]

    Another proper debut on FSOE, good signing :)
  5. Z Dobrej Woli

    DIM3NSION - United In Love [FSOE]

    Probably the closest one to „Origami” from Borja’s melodies :) But enjoyable ✌️
  6. Z Dobrej Woli

    Asteroid & Daniel Skyler - Forgiven [FSOE]

    Promising sample :)
  7. sashamlenik

    Leon Bolier - Not Anymore [FSOE]

    Release date: 08.03.2024 Another great one from Leon. 02:23:55
  8. Z Dobrej Woli

    Greg Downey - Invaders [FSOE]

    It may be a really good tune from Mr. Downey :)
  9. Z Dobrej Woli

    Manuel Le Saux & Db Mokk - Silver Moon [FSOE]

    I like this energy :) Melody sounds like something that Giuseppe Ottaviani would do if he weren’t on his strange era of techno/bigroom…
  10. Z Dobrej Woli

    Driftmoon - Cloudstream [FSOE]

    Not as great as their recent „Melody Express” but I like the warmness of this melody :)
  11. Z Dobrej Woli

    Aly & Fila x Lostly - The Unknown [FSOE]

    2:46:21 Sample from Luminosity set (since 27:00):
  12. Z Dobrej Woli

    Simon O’Shine - Hybrid [FSOE]

    „🇵🇱 Górą” 😅 Great to see Wojtek’s comeback on FSOE :)
  13. Z Dobrej Woli

    Morgentraum - Friendship (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [FSOE]

    It may be a really good remix :) Thanks Beatport as usual 😅
  14. Z Dobrej Woli

    Ferry Tayle & Tonks pres. Mirage - Lost In Dreams (Unkonscious Festival 2024 Anthem) [FSOE]

    First teaser of a second single from Mirage duo :)
  15. G

    High 5 - As Long As It Takes (Paul Skelton / Tomas Heredia Remixes) [Amon Vision]

    Out now High 5 - As Long As It Takes (Paul Skelton Remix) High 5 - As Long As It Takes (Tomas Heredia Remix) Early support from Aly & Fila, Paul Van Dyk + more.
  16. BS_BlackScout

    Aly & Fila with Philippe El Sisi & Omar Sherif feat. Karim Youssef - The Chronicles (FSOE 500 Anthem) [2017]

    One of the best FSOE anthems out there, I absolutely love the melody: Cover Art
  17. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Peter Martijn Wijnia & Nitrous Oxide - Sintra [FSOE]

    Interesting collab, first between these two experienced producers :)
  18. james864

    Andrea Ribeca - Into The Future [FSOE]

  19. Uplifted

    Aly & Fila - ID

    Since 2018 Fadi has been playing this track in a few sets and I really hope this will be released in his upcoming album this year. The melody really touched me, even though the quality is poor. Hope it gets played at Luminosity this week. Aly & Fila - ID A slightly different version played...
  20. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Alex M.O.R.P.H & A.R.D.I - Guadalupe [FSOE]

    Out on July 7th ⭐