julian del agranda

  1. Julian Del Agranda

    Julian Del Agranda - El Sueno / Mirage (remix) [Borderline]

    Hello everyone. It has been a long journey for Julian's "El Sueno". I made this track close to a year ago when Activa asked me for a new Julian-original. And I'm really proud of the endresult, as it can't sound more 1999-y. Well, I am no Enigma State of course, but I do think this EP is really...
  2. Archon

    OUT Julian del Agranda - A New World EP [TF.R]

    The first release is here!!! Some of you might recognize these from the forum, and we're so happy for these stunners to be our first release! Produced by none other than @Magnevi. This will take you into the early 00s for sure. Listen, love, support. Every little bit counts. But most of all...
  3. J

    Julian Del Agranda - A New World [classic trance]

    Hola everyone, I have not posted on Trancefix before. But now I registered to share something I made. I try making trance with a real classic feeling from 1998-2002 era. What do you think? Maybe no labels will be interested with the classic trance sounds, but that is okay. I make it for fun and...