1. Uplifted

    0Gravity - Take My Breath [FSOE]

    Just heard it in Aly & Fila Luminosity 2024 set and immediately decided to share it. A potential uplifting tune of the year for me, took me a few seconds of listening to realize that! Gives me classic Thomas Bronzwaer vibe, classic Discover Records style \O/ 0Gravity - Take My Breath P.S...
  2. Uplifted

    Quench - Dreams (The Digital Blonde Remix) [JOOF]

    Ricky Smith aka The Digital Blonde has remixed one of the trance anthems. It's getting an official release, most likely on JOOF. Here's the video of him playing the world exclusive premiere of "Dreams" remix at Dance Love Hub, London, 8th of October 2022. And here's a longer version - John...
  3. james864

    Ciaran McAuley - ID [TBA]

    First Track
  4. james864

    OUT Activa - Luminosity (Sean Tyas Remix) [Regenerate Records]