1. Altair

    Tarkan - Pare Pare (Tiësto Mix) [2008]

    I originally found this in a pirated compilation of ALL of Tiësto's remixes (of which I ended up saving about sixty of them). It's a textbook perfect Tiësto track - propulsive, melancholic, uplifting and which isn't afraid to draw itself out with three different climaxes. So I naturally thought...
  2. Uplifted

    Outwalkers - Eternal Flame (incl. Remixes) [2010]

    In my opinion 2010 was the best year for Blue Soho Recordings. So many great gems were out back then, tracks with true emotions... Eternal Flame is one of my favourites from that label, especially the original one. Made by russian duo Alexei Smirnov & Artyom Zhurkin. Outwalkers - Eternal...
  3. flund

    OUT Flund - Alone [Yeiskomp Records]

    Melancholic harmonies in this throwback to old-school uplifting trance. Out on Yeiskomp Velocity December 13th on Beatport.
  4. Uplifted

    Airbase - Escape / For The Fallen [2006]

    I consider "Escape" as one of the most melancholic trance tracks ever and one of my personal favourites. A masterpiece from Jezper Söderlund. Also the piano part in "For The Fallen" is very nice :) Airbase - Escape (Original Mix) Airbase - For The Fallen (Original Mix)
  5. Uplifted

    Arctic Quest - Renaissance / Femme Fatale [2006]

    Renaissance is one of my all-time favourite tracks. Arctic Quest - Renaissance Arctic Quest - Femme Fatale