Tarkan - Pare Pare (Tiësto Mix) [2008]

Tarkan, Tiësto
Release title
Metamorfoz Remixes
Label name
Hitt Müzik
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Dec 24, 2022
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I originally found this in a pirated compilation of ALL of Tiësto's remixes (of which I ended up saving about sixty of them). It's a textbook perfect Tiësto track - propulsive, melancholic, uplifting and which isn't afraid to draw itself out with three different climaxes. So I naturally thought this was from around 2000-2002, but imagine my surprise when I discovered it was released in 2008, right before he left trance! That alone probably makes this the last truly great Tiësto trance track that was released, vying only with Somewhere Inside and Power of You from Allure.

It was reworked into the (noticeably inferior) free download "Young Lions" a few years later; which I actually heard long before I knew it was adapted from this remix.

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Jul 26, 2020
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It made a lot of buzz in Turkey when it was released. The most famous DJ in the world meets the biggest pop star in Turkey.