thomas datt

  1. Z Dobrej Woli

    Solaris - Waiting For You (Thomas Datt's Heart Activation Remix) [FSOE]

    Oh my gosh, @ThomasDatt with another outstanding, totally brilliant remix ❤️ 1st June / FSOE
  2. Z Dobrej Woli

    OUT Dark Matter - Dragons Tear (Thomas Datt's Third Eye Activation Remix) [Landscapes Music]

    And when I was talking about month of comebacks in April, I was mostly thinking about Thomas ❤️ Catch the teaser of his brand new remix for @Horizons Landscapes Music, release on April 11th ⭐
  3. sszecret

    Thomas Datt pres. Datticus - Infinity Loop [2016]

    Beatport Release: 25 November 2016 General Release: 9 December 2016 Label / Cat#: Critical Overload (KSX) / KSX290 Original Mix Really like this one, but to this day I still have no clue how the folks at (formerly) KSX are supposed to be able to read their back catalogue. The numbering...
  4. sszecret

    Thomas Datt & Magnus - Binary Complex [2014]

    Release Date: 27 January 2014 Label / Cat#: Borderline Music / BORDM038 Original Mix Having posted the last official release from Borderline, I thought it'd be best to also put up BORDM038, which kicked off one of my favorite artwork designs of any label. I remember the redesign being...
  5. Pinguin

    Thomas Datt - Prana Flow [Damaged Records] [2015]