1. Spider-Vice

    Virtua Trancer - Deep Fear EP (1999)

    Most commonly known as an alias of M.I.K.E.. The A side is a pretty nice trancer (ha) and prefer it to side B.

    Extreme Trax ‎- Final Fantasy [1998]

    One of the most impressive trance tracks, i love this more than any other MIKE Push releases, imho this should be called 'the real anthem'. some weeks ago a teen girl played this at a illegal open air party, i have made a small video, but looks like i can't upload it here directly.
  3. BS_BlackScout

    Sonic Inc. - The Taste of Summer (Incl. Fire and Ice Vital Remix) [2000]

  4. DazTC

    Fire & Ice - Forever Young (2000)

    Amazing emotional Trancer from Jurgen Leyers and Laurent Véronnez under their awesome Fire & Ice collab ❤️