Aalto - Resolution [Anjunabeats / 2005]

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Jun 28, 2020
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This one doesn't quite get as much love as it deserves amongst the other Aalto releases.

It doesn't have the sugary sweetness of Rush, the euphoria of Taurine, or the ridiculously infectious groove of 5 - it kinda has a bit of everything, but that doesn't mean it's an inferior track. I wasn't able to enjoy this track as much as the others initially, but it's been a grower over the years.

The overall vibe is energetic yet understated, unlike most other uplifting trance that screams 'euphoria' front and centre. It starts off with a chunky groove, teases us with some melodies before dropping into a techy climax, and finally building up again into a melodic finale - a true 'resolution' if anything.



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Jul 13, 2020
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My favorite Aalto track! The tech part is great, as is the little melody starting at 2:46.
I think this track's major weakness is that it relies heavily on the "trance rhythm" (bassline at 5:05) common in a lot other uplifting and hard trance productions.

Even less frequently mentioned is the Oliver Prime remix, which is serious tight progressive psytrance:
If it weren't for a few samples from the original Aalto version this would basically be an original production.


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Jul 13, 2020
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This is true uplifting in the spirit of the founding father track Awakening (Corsten mix) :)

Its about building atmosphere. Uplifting trance is a specific genre to me. Its def not about being banging, and uplifting trance should never have vocals. I would say its more about atmosphere than melody.

Uplifting gets thrown around alot aswell, but people talk mostly about prog or other genres being butcherd or misnamed.


What's this? I had not heard this one, only Rush I think. This is incredible!!!!!