Aerium Pres. Avalon 62 - Paracosm [Album] [TF Recordings]

Aerium pres. Avalon 62
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Nov 1, 2022
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Jul 20, 2020
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I like Eudamonia with its soft, Platipus-y vibes and positive feel. Also like Wetterljocht with its techy feel and good drive, mixed with some nice melodic vibes. The rest are a good effort but not really my thing.
On the whole I'd say the dancy tracks on the album are a bit too busy. There's not enough room to breathe and perhaps too many layers for my liking.
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Jul 20, 2020
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thanks for the feedback
(y) 🙏
Cool. I have purchased those two tracks. As I say, I like the melodic quirkiness of the first one without any cheese. And the second one has a lot of grit, plus that little underlying melody that reminds me of the old classic 'Knights of the jaguar'.

It takes a lot of talent to produce music like this so well done (y)
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Dec 11, 2020
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It’s a bomb album fellaz. Wetterjocht (what does this mean?) and Through Fields of Open Shards I have already played so many times. Russokye Leto is powerful, like Himelfjoer too. The ambient ones were fraction too boring for me but nice to flow the album in and out. I wanted one or more additions to the track selection as 8 trance tracks is short for such a successful concept.


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Sep 26, 2020
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Hey thanks for the full album mix. Be advised that some email providers will flag it as a email containg phishing link. Anyways the album will be great for my commutes where I need some peace the most 👍

Saw some more purchases this week, and some of those emails are clearly forum members... nice one guys! And to those who are paying more than what is required you are truly awesome. Really motivates to keep going.

I always try to support artist I like. Djing the right way 👍


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Jun 27, 2020
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Just want to say thanks for all the support so far everyone; It's what motivates us to keep on going - positive or negative, like it or dislike it; Everyone is here entitled to their own opinion and we take it all serious. Thanks for all the purchases whoever can afford it and if you can't, just spreading the words, commenting here or listening to it on Bandcamp for free motivates us even further.

To finish the comment, here's a picture of Brendan Fraser



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Oct 18, 2021
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psychedelic experience. imagine a campfire in the woods of South America, lots of tubules worshiping the moon around, all dancing immersed in the psychedelic properties of the local plants. the mood grows, you won't find a beautiful melody here, it's raw, very primal, natural. acid heralds its full power, here everyone is far from home, communing with the moon, unfortunately every fairy tale ends sometime.

I say there is no melody to be myself. you have chosen the hard way, without a melody it is very difficult. however, I think it turned out pretty cool. I would like such an opening to something bigger that has some melodies somewhere. the climate is brilliant very primal. you do a lot in the atmosphere, but I love you. You are very characteristic in this matter, you take care of the smallest detail. to be honest, the first time was more captivating to me, with subsequent listenings it becomes normal. very original production
BTWI was expecting a higher price for your work, I thought it would be 20 and it's ok
we are still on earth. but something appeared in the sky! beautiful blue object. everyone feels fear and excitement at the same time. Beautiful creatures invite the inhabitants to the ship. fly away into the black slime of space. everyone is happy they believe that something wonderful will happen to them.

It's hard to say. you had a plan, i see it this way
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