Airscape - L'Esperanza [1999]

Airscape, Armin van Buuren
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Steady Beat Records, Xtravaganza Recordings
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Jul 13, 2020
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One of the classics I've been most ambivalent about.

The original version of L'Esperanza is nice and dreamy up until the lead synth kicks in about 2:30 minutes in. Something about it just feels... off. I don't know if it's because of the production, my ear is not used to such high pitches, or the producers used too much noise, but in any case this (and the versions like it) are the ones I avoid.

My go-to is the Armin Rising Star mix. It's much nicer on the ears and feels like a more standard trance track. Armin captured nicely the original feel of L'Esperanza while making it more accessible to listeners.

Julian Del Agranda

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Jul 3, 2020
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I think it's a matter of taste. I personally really like that harsh (typical Svenson) synth. This "Svenson Goes To Love Parade" mix is a bit more commercial. But I do prefer it over the original. And I think this is the version that is most 'accessible'.

The Armin remix is nice, for sure. It's more dreamy 'Armin' style. Good for a different mood.
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