Andy Falconer - Transmissions

Andy Falconer
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Feb 16, 2024
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Jan 11, 2022
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Northern California

Rerelease from 1995, sounds very enticing. I'm keen to see where this label goes, I'm a fan of Lora Mipsum's sound.

Slush Records, the brainchild of London-based DJ Lora Mipsum, unleashes its first release, a much called for reissue of Andy Falconer’s finest EP from 1995 ‘Transmissions’. Remastered from the original DAT, it’s an introspective, absorbing and enticingly expansive roam through the realms of downtempo, electronica, progressive house and experimental sounds.

Best known for his work with The Orb between ‘91-‘94, you’ll also find Falconer’s name nestled in the credits of many other seminal works including albums from The Art Of Noise, Hypnotone and System 7. It’s no surprise then that the Transmissions EP, that landed in 1995, captures the essence of the early ‘90s expertly. An amalgamation of genres within each track, blurring the lines masterfully between them all.

Opening the EP, ‘Afghan Receptor No.9’ plots a driving orbit, rolling seamlessly from a dubbed out intro, into a progressive warper. A track that builds eagerly in intensity, with layer upon layer of mind-bending synths, a whomping bassline, and even Falconer’s old Canon printer sampled to top, tail and weave into the sonics of this track.

On the B side, the title track is an immersive, all-encompassing lunar excursion that engulfs you within Falconer’s soundscape odyssey. Centred around a spacey stuttering synth, hypnotising Roland S-50 harp and dream-inducing keys, it’s a spellbinding swell of emotive brilliance, interspersed with moon landing transmissions that reverberate through your brain.

Finally, like a slip back through memories in a dream, ‘Koda (Dreamscape No.1.1)’ is a psychedelic, ethereal and haunting slice of experiential ambience that provides the perfect closing sequence to this magical EP.

Transmissions takes all of Falconer’s knowledge and production prowess, creating three tracks that nod to those he’s worked with in the past, yet plotting its own course to a far off dimension.


Dec 7, 2022
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I thought I recognised the name. Founder of The Orb....but I never knew System 7 was also a project of his.

This may be a rerelease but it's new to my ears and sounds dope as hell. No question I'll be picking this up when the next paycheck drops

Shame the vinyl is sold out already, but will follow the label to see if I can grab anything in the future