Ben Van Gosh - Satellite [ZYX Trance]


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Jul 1, 2020
Ben Van Gosh is a frequent name on ZYX with incredible originals like A New Hope and top remixes for artists such as Mauro Picotto. His first ZYX Trance outing is called Satellite. He presents a very powerful euphoric feel good trancer with its main influences coming from the golden era of trance. It is written by the book with the sound design and composition techniques that will amaze and excite any ecstatic trance fan on dancefloors and festival floors. Powerful driving basslines, thumping kicks, summery free floating synths and emotional melodic touches to blow your shocks off instantly. The breakdown is long as is really need it with nice luscious synths, atmospheric strings and sensitive melodies allowing the space for the magnificent energetic synthy hook to grow out of any proportions and explode in the big crescendo moment that will easily carry our mind and spirit miles and miles away.

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