Best Live Covers


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Jul 13, 2020
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This was actually one of the last threads on the old forum!

Here are a few interesting live covers of electronic music:

Ame - Rej (MEUTE Rework)

MEUTE in general were very good at making covers of electronic music. They're a "techno marching band" totally worth checking out. They've also remade Flume's track You and Me and Deadmau5's Gula.

From the drum & bass world, I really liked London Elektricity Big Band's covers, like Just One Second (from London Elektricity himself)

Drum & bass just hits differently when the drums are being played live. Here's a live performance by a DnB enthusiast who played acoustic drums/snares over d&b and jungle tracks. The drums sometimes conflict with the other instruments from the track, but they're still nice to hear. The "filthy" tracks from 2:55 and 5:37 are insane.