Breakfast - The Anthem [EDM Recordings]

Release title
The Anthem
Label name
EDM Recordings
Release date
Feb 22, 2024
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Aug 11, 2020
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Brace yourself for a seismic burst of sound as label boss Breakfast unveils the latest Trance sensation, The Anthem. Crafting a symphony of super saws and a blissful melody that elevates your senses, The Anthem captivates with its analog-soaked richness. With hard-hitting percussion, rolling build-ups, and pulsating basslines, Breakfast crafts a sonic landscape adorned with mystical stab synths and plush expressions of euphoria. The hands-in-the-air breakdown and head-bopping drop, in classic Breakfast style, will tease you to the edge and leave you yearning for more. The Anthem is a statement to the evolution of Breakfast's signature sound that is both unique and captivating, taking its place as another stellar addition to EDM Recordings catalog.
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Oct 5, 2023
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I hope the final version will be longer than those ridiculous 5 mins :/
just play it twice and calm down :)

it has some great melodies (amongst uninspired ones) but the overall arrangement is just as chaotic and rushed as expected

if he borrows the MIDIs to someone who actually cares about the final production, like Thrillseekers, it would be a cool tune