Chi A.D. - Biocandy [1999]

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Chi A.D.
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Blue Moon Productions U.K.
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Jul 13, 2020
One of the greatest goa trance tracks ever made. I would say it's on par with L.S.D., Mahadeva, and Dancing Galaxy as the best of the genre.

According to the review on Discogs, Biocandy was largely overlooked back in 1999/2000:

Hard and banging enough for the Hard Trance/Acid Trance scene as well as the Psy/Goa raves, it's also perhaps surprising that I can't remember anyone else playing this at the raves, except me - it was always in my box around 1999-2001, and I even have it on at least one of my mixtapes. But I genuinely can't remember anyone else playing it - and I used to go to many of the big Psy/Goa/Hard Trance events in London back in the 1990s/early 2000s
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That's surprising to find out, as Biocandy was one of the first results when you typed "goa trance" on Youtube. The following video from 14 years ago featuring Biocandy has ~6.7 million views. Glad to see that time has treated this track well.

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