chord lead like [THE MYSTERY], 2004 ish, anjuna/avb plucks -fresh classic trance track from Andre Maier

Jan 23, 2022
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New Zealand
Think anthemic, 2004 ish, anjuna/avb plucks, modern mixing etc. Getting great feedback on this already everywhere.

You'll notice the kick and percs are up front in this track compared to my other stuff but intentional I want it to have emphasis. Also have a version with softer mixing but the intention is this one. Would love to hear your opinion.


Nov 10, 2020
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sounds like a proper song, the good feedback you've gotten so far is well deserved.

Julian Del Agranda

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Jul 3, 2020
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I like the lead sound coming in around 3:00. Is that still a VST-sound?

Not sure if the melody itself is good enough. It's not boring, but it's not extremely exciting either. Also, the arrangement isn't there yet I think. The melody comes out of the blue now, would be good to build suspension more... take away more sounds right before slamming in that synth. And i'd like to see some kind of build-up plucks in the first 2 minutes. It's a bit empty for me.

(That little end-variation in the melody is something I'd change. I get the idea, but it feels a bit off for me.)

But promising stuff!

(And I think you should use artist - title, as topic name... ;) )


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Jul 17, 2020
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Nice work! You hit the 2004 sound on the head. Only critique I have is maybe the volume of the main lead could be a bit louder in the mix.

Julian Del Agranda

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Jul 3, 2020
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Think its all in order! But you want a more flowing cohesive journey than wham bam?
What I meant is that the main melody would grab my attention more, if you silent the stuff before it a little bit more. So the pads a little more more cut-off. The plucks more cut-off... so that part gets a bit smaller... more silent... and then BOOM, the synth comes in.

I'd personally remove the few notes at 2:50-2:52, and just start with the main theme at the actual start. That would make it more exciting when that synth comes in.

But hey, it's personal preference too with these things :)

Still like to know if that synth is a VST (which one) or from a hardware synth. The sound of it is great.