David Forbes & Susie Ledge - Silent Waves (DJ Recharge Deep Progressive Mix) (Bootleg)


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Sep 26, 2020
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I decided to download the beta version of Serato Studio with the stem separation function. I just got the vocal, everything else I wrote/used a few samples (drums and strings since It was a few hours project). To be fair the vocals have some parts missing, but this is probably the best AI separation I tried to this day and considering it's in beta testing I see great potential in the DAW being used from most producers for remixing and mush ups in the future.

Worth noting I am with this DAW since the day it was announced as alpha/beta a few years ago, but I Serato has bad habit with messing with libraries in their beta's and Serato Studio and Serato Pro use the same library, so caution to anybody that uses Serato Pro to dj.

The remix came quite nice for a bootleg.

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