DJ Life - Southern Seas EP [Craigie Knowes]

DJ Life
Release title
Southern Seas
Label name
Craigie Knowes
Release date
Dec 25, 2023
Release type
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Jan 11, 2022
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Northern California

DJ Life is another one of the more recognizable nu-trance names even if half of what he does is closer to tech house IMO. I've liked his juicier bass and drum grooves, plus use of more aboriginal-sounding synth choices. Those are showcased more on B1, Frayed. A1 is a pretty mellow trancer and A3 is on the trancier side but has a bit more oomph to it. A1 is up in full on Bandcamp, the others I figure will come sooner or later. Release date is xmas.


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Jun 27, 2020
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Sounds are all great, Southern Seas is nice little groover and love the very soft synths he chose, but dunno.... just want more musical content and better arrangements. Just not exciting or interesting to listen to (for me).


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Jun 1, 2021
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Transmission sample is actually sounding really great. Love the 80s sounding synths and that choppy unusual bassline.