DJ Mag - A Trance History Encylopedia Will Be Released This Week




A trance history encyclopedia is set to be published this week.

Incoming via Dutch publishing house Mary Go Wild, Hypnotised: A Journey Through Trance Music (1990-2005) is the first trance archive of its kind, covering both the beginning and seminal periods of the trance scene.

Penned by writer Arjan Rietveld, Hypnotised compiles a near-complete discography of 500 essential records, 75 record labels and 25 albums, as well in-depth interviews with 35 influential artists and label owners including Solarstone, Airwave, Banco de Gaia, Sander Kleinenberg, Cosmic Baby, Bonzai Records’ Christian ‘Fly’ Pieters and MFS’s Mark Reeder.

The book will also land alongside a VA compilation, spotlighting the Dutch contribution to trance’s nascence. Incoming via Black Hole Recordings, it features 27 tracks from 9 influential Dutch labels, including monikers from Dutch trance legends Armin van Buuren, DJ Tiësto and Ferry Corsten.
You can find out more about Hypnotised: A Journey Through Trance Music (1990-2005) and pre-order the book, which will be available this Friday 3rd September, here.

Since the early ’90s, when pioneers like Ferry Corsten, Paul Van Dyk, and Jam & Spoon crafted some of the earliest and best-loved trance records, the genre has gone through huge swings in popularity. Today, the sound is as strong as ever, as artists like Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and plenty of newcomers fly the flag for trance the world over. In a 2019 feature for DJ Mag, we spoke to some of the genre's greatest producers to find out more about the enduring appeal of trance.

Watch the story of how Chicane made one of the most iconic '90s trance tracks of all time, 'Saltwater', here.

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Jul 3, 2020
Assen, Netherlands
Yeah it's out. The name of the book is: Hypnotised: A Journey Through Trance Music. Written by Arjan Rietveld. There's also a CD released for this:


  1. You Wanna Be Loved - World Tour
  2. Electronicly Entertained - Technology
  3. Blue Fear - Armin
  4. Northern Spirit - Kamaya Painters
  5. Mirror - Stray Dog
  6. Enlightenment - Photon Project
  7. Talk To Me - Eon
  8. Re-Form - Kid Vicious
  9. Out Of The Blue - System F


  1. Stringer - Riva
  2. Lifelab - Experiment 1 - Fractals
  3. Sub Culture - Classified Project
  4. Janeiro - Solid Sessions
  5. Sacred (dub) - Kleinenberg, Sander
  6. Fly Away - De Moor, Vincent
  7. Extra Sightseeing - Attractive Fusion
  8. Yellow Reactor Room - Floor Divisions
  9. Sunset On Ibiza - Three Drives


  1. Tranquility - Otten, Mark
  2. Dub.Wav - Perpetuous Dreamer
  3. Eternity - Alibi
  4. Monkey Forest - Midway
  5. Symbols - Fictivision / C-Quence
  6. I Miss You - Tangled Universe
  7. Sahara - Solid Globe
  8. In Deep Sounds - Progression
  9. Waterfall - Re:Locate
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