DJ Recharge - Autumn Sun [breakbeat]


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Sep 26, 2020
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This is very very good! Enjoyed it through and through.
I think you are going to like the next one I am working on. I will finish a song this weekend that finally gets me closer to nailing that progressive breaks sound. I still am going on a whim when I am doing breakbeats this year, but I am definitely getting closer and closer to it.

In the last three weeks I've been working on 4 different breakbeat songs. Unfortunately I am not allowed to post the remix I did of for the remix competition of Ferry Corsten - Yes Man. Fingers crossed because I was actually brave enough to send it this time.

I will check the mix in a few days after I heard it a couple of more times and my ears have rested a bit.
To be honest the song sounds a bit quiet in some parts, but I decided not to mess with the mix for now.

On second look I boosted the volume, but that kind of fucks the kick so I will see later on.
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