DJ Recharge - Bulgaria (Part 2) (first 'proper' trance song)


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Sep 26, 2020
Last night I wanted to see if I am getting closer to writing uplifting trance. I wanted to write just a demo, at first it sucked balls. That's actually a normal part of my process very often. Sometimes it gets me hour or two to fix/improve idea/ideas. But I liked the demo so much, so I spend the whole night mostly working on the arrangement as it my weakest point and always takes me a while. I have no idea how the songs sounds, not sure if it's my brain or hearing, but after a few hours of sleep I will check it again. Right now I am too hyped to have a proper judgement.
Edit: I put the melody an octave down sounds so much better and ooops silly me. Last night I exported the song in mono. What an idiot, I was checking the sound in mono and somehow forgot to put it back in stereo. I spend half an hour yesterday wondering why the song feels less energetic🤦‍♂️ . I also put one of the leads in the first part because it felt too empty without it. Put a bunch of risers, well duh.

Edit: I made a ton of small changes, sound levels and overall small changes that give the song much more variety. I think I spend like 7 hours of the last 24 for sleep, everything else I threw into this song either listening or working on it to make sure it sounds amazing. And I've got to say it's going to be hard to find a song that I like more in 2022. That song scream - ME all over it. I think the song combines old school minimalistic approach and sounds with some modern techniques giving it a unique sound. Oh and I had to throw some sound wave sounds for good measure and extra cheeseness.
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