DJ Recharge - Dark Clouds [breaks/melodic techno]


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Sep 26, 2020
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Every time I get a rejection from a label that I really like it really gets me down. But that's the time when I just need to sit my ass and try as twice as harder. Its important to remember it's not a No, but a Not Yet.

Not sure if I pulled off this one. My last 3 songs were pretty good breakbeats and this one sounds a bit strange, still I find some odd darker charm in it.

Bobby Summa

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Sep 7, 2022
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It’s got a good atmosphere and the way the track develops and to my ears is arranged is ‘sound’. 👍

Not totally sure about the big bass rumble. Doesn’t sound quite defined enough. Maybe chop it in a sampler and get a tighter attack, add some effects / compression and might work. Even a gate may help.

The nice melodic bit around 3.40 could do with more .. release or big reverb slapping back etc. Nice melodic interlude but a bit plain sound. It’s fine later though as a smaller sound. Other than that I’m loving the track. Great beats!
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