DJ Recharge - Drowning [deep house]


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Sep 26, 2020
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Funny when I was starting the song with 2 samples it was supposed to be prog house, but as the song progressed I knew it couldn't be anything but deep house. I loved the vocal from the second I heard it and build the whole song around it.

I started watching this goofy anime 'My New Boss is Goofy' and the song kind of reminded me of the main boss who was super lonely because his wife left him for being too busy at the office trying to buy a big house for them. There is whole episode around him 'Wanna live with me?' when he shows how lonely he is.

So I kind of build the whole song with a motif around him. Funny how the mind works and we can get inspiration from anything...

I am not sure about not having a strong main melody, but the songs seems to work well even with one.

Edit: 4th song in 14 days and I am already starting the 5th...
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