Favorite imperfect/flawed tracks from the classic era?

Aug 23, 2022
I'm thinking about tunes that are a (re)mix or some fine-tuning away from reaching their full potential. Tracks that have good ideas/sections in them but are essentially imperfect/flawed due to the other parts that ruin/lessen their overall quality and enjoyment factor. Some examples:

1. Three 'N One Presents Johnny Shaker - Pearl River [1999] | Discogs
An incredible intro (that runs for 2-3 minutes), followed by a lackluster vocal performance, coupled with a very forgettable melody that goes nowhere.

2. Centuras - Red Shift [1994] | Discogs
A build-up that is full of mystery, wonder, and excitement that ultimately fails to build up anything and runs into a pit of random mish-mash spacey sounds.

3. Riva - Time Is The Healer (Hiver & Hammer Remix) [2002] | Discogs
A fantastic, energy-filled, euphoric melody (between 4:08 and 6:08) that was put into an otherwise quite average track, and which melody is surrounded by an absolutely dreadful vocal that makes my ears bleed.

4. One Dove - Breakdown (Secret Knowledge Light Mix) [1993] | Discogs
This one would have the potential to be among the very best 'journey-like,' slowly building, atmospheric trance tracks (along with Li Kwan - Point Zero, Sunday Club - Healing Dream, etc.), but the section between 3:40 and 5:00 comes from nowhere and completely ruins the flow and feel of it.

5. Ralphie Dee & Marc Et Claude - Sunshower [1993] | Discogs
The first minute or so of it is pure bliss. The momentum, the energy, and that otherworldy, mesmerizing sound it has... just incredible. I slowly imagine where those melodies will take me, in the complete belief that something truly beautiful will soon unfold right in front of me. But that's just wishful thinking and nothing more, as roughly after the 1.5-minute mark, the track starts to fall apart - first, with the introduction of the quite distracting and out-of-place vocals, and second, with the very heavy acid elements that become quite apparent after the 5-minute mark. Finally, the melody stops developing and ultimately fails to reach the musical and emotional climax it was supposed to have.

BONUS PICKS (fantastic tracks with small annoyances):

1. F/X - Love Freedom Tolerance (Fridge's 5 A.M. Mix) [2001] | Discogs
One of my favorite trance tracks of all time. However, I can't stand that robotic-sounding talking at the start ... It takes away from the musicality and seriousness of the record; it's just dumb (and the talking from the lady is also not really needed at 3:34).

2. Strings Of Harmony - Sadness (John B. Norman Mix) [1999] | Discogs
A brilliant, melancholic, and emotionally grabbing tune, but the lame talking throughout most of it from the lady is really not needed. I think there isn't a word more cringy than cringe, but man, the talking part is so f*cking cringe that it would make Hulk Hogan's mustache curve upwards. Let the music speak for itself, and just shut the f*ck up. In other words, give me an instrumental/dub version, please. EDIT: based on this upload, there seems to be a dub version, but I don't know its actual name. Maybe this is just a custom, unofficial remix.
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Oct 7, 2022
Well I dont think I need to explain this track and also think we are all gonna agree that this is a hell of a record ... but: This damn flanger effect at the end! Why would someone think this is a good production choice? Its kinda legendary for this track but still, such a bad production choice making this track "unmixable". Still love it for some reason, its just so cheesy sounding. I bet they thought: "hell yeah new FX hardware just gonna slam this in the outro this is so cool" :D