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Aug 18, 2022
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(I'd like to preface this by saying this was done in a DAW by manually sequencing tracks and editing transitions, I know it's unconventional so I don't want to pretend I'm a 'proper' DJ or anything)
This is the second-ever mix I've put together, I think it's at least serviceable but could definitely be better. Also is it acceptable to have one 'modern' (i.e. 2009) track in a mix of mostly '98-'02 stuff? I think the transition sounds alright but I'm not sure if it stands out too much in comparison to the rest of the selection.

Any feedback welcome, I'd love to be able to put together better mixes in future (and possibly some Euphoria-inspired ones eventually) so would be grateful to know what to do better.
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Sep 26, 2020
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First few transitions sound good, believe me even in a daw you need to know what you are doing. Funny thing my daw mixes are one idea worst than my controller ones, but that's probably because I am not used to it.

I am gonna listen it tomorrow at work and edit here if there is anything to add, but sound pretty good at the start.
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Jun 27, 2020
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Checked out a few transitions man, did not hear any awkward or poorly matched stuff. Could perhaps ease things in a little more on some.
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