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Jul 19, 2020
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Thought it was worth having a thread for both current and some much older freebie tracks.

I'll start with an archive of former freebies from the early to mid 2010s (2012-2016ish time frame), most of which are either no longer available due to Soundcloud download limitations or just expired links to other file hosting providers.

The archive is ~973MB in size, and contains a number of remixes, plus a handful of originals, both in MP3 and WAV format - depending how they were originally offered as free downloads. I've included links to samples where possible, some of which are unlisted videos from my own channel (so excuse the 'editing' from 9 years ago). The tracks are:

== Originals==
--- MP3 ---

Activa - The Unknown -- not found anywhere to download, as far as I know. Offered for free back in 2014. Later assigned Cat# BORDM000. The Magnus remix was included on Full on Fluoro Vol. 3
Chris Voro - Light Force
Jamie Harrison - P3ach
John Dopping - The Formula

Kinetica - Kadaj
Solar Movement - Echowave - Can also be downloaded separately from Bandcamp

--- WAV ---
Binary Finary - Cryogen - B side of '1999' on Positiva
Static Movement vs Space Hypnose - Existence (Master)
Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) - Higher & Higher -
much higher BPM than Steve's usual tracks, and very nice acids

== Remixes ==
--- MP3 ---
3rd Moon - DNA (Amir Hussain & Alan Ruddick Remix)
Armin van Buuren ft. Jaren vs Faithless - Not Unforgivable (Russerious 'Not Over' Mashup) - offered by TranceRoom Bootlegs back in...2012 I think?
Astrix & Amnesia - Out of Reunion (Activa Mashup)
Baby Doc and The Dentist - Tales from the Seraphim (John Askew Remix)
Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Ruddick & Dopping pres. Research & Development Remix)
Bomfunk MCs - Rocking (Orkidea Remix)
Chris Voro & Victims - X Rated (Sektor V Unleashed) - @Uplifted it's back, unless you mean Sektor V. Can't bring him back :p
Deep Dish - Say Hello (Thomas Datt Rework)
Dutch Force - Deadline (Allen & Envy vs Phil Parry Rework)
Inflexion - Pure (Activa's Balearic Remake)
John O'Callaghan & Bryan Kearney vs Nadia Ali & Gareth Emery vs Petter B - BitchBroken Rapture (Indecent Noise Bosh-Up - North Star Reconstruction) - this is a reconstruction of IN's original Bosh-Up. Partial sample of the original
Klea - Tic Toc (Activa Rework)
Lexicon4 - Reach Me (Activa 'TPOD' Remake)
Planet Perfecto - Bullet in the Gun 2013 (Psymes Remix) -- great update to the classic imo, never released by Perfecto. If memory serves me right, this wasn't accepted as part of the 2013 remix package that was done. There's a 2012 version floating around that is different sounding. The 2013 one is superior in my opinion.
Rank 1 - Airwave (Hazem Beltagui Reboot)
Sasha & Emerson - Scorchio (Activa Bootleg)
Sasha - Xpander (Psymes 2014 Rework)
Hans Zimmer - Time (Orkidea's Dream Mix)

--- WAV ---
Chicane + SaltTank - Leaving Town (Pueblo Blanco) (Mea Culpa's 1999 Full Mix)
Mea Culpa - Spiritual Light (Mea Culpa's '00' ccc Mix) - that's the name of the original file, as it was offered for free
Lyctum - Spirit Form (Chris Voro's Enlightening Remix)
Marco V - Simulated (Sneijder Remix)
Reflekt - Need to Feel Loved (Alan Ruddick Treatment) (Master)
Sub 6 - Raheya (UD - Unseen Dimensions - & Shake Remix)

I also have the Peetu S remix for Heart of Asia...somewhere, but I need to find it.

Feel free to add anything else you may have or have seen around offered for free.
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Jul 13, 2020
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Some of Incolumis' old tracks & remixes are downloadable (in low quality mp3/160kpbs) here

Incolumis - One with sanctuary (Progate Remix)
Incolumis - Sentinel (Neptunium remix)
Incolumis - Sentinel (Original Mix)
Incolumis - Aurora (Original Mix)
Incolumis - Tsunami (Original Mix)
Terradia - Drowning In Dreams(Incolumis rmx)
Digital Witchcraft - Fingerpaint (Incolumis Remix)
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Jul 15, 2020
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That site peaked in popularity somewhere around 2004 and the tracks were uploaded there a long time ago. I guess it is just how the things were back in the days.
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Jun 17, 2022
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That Binary Finary track is wicked!!! and so is the remix of Pure.
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Jun 17, 2022
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Harry Lemon - Darkness Into Darkness

Harry Lemon - Arenal (2019 Remaster)
Girl Nobody - Cages (Lemon8 Remix) [2021 LEMON8 Remaster]

Free Download: Lemon8 - Lose Control (Partenaire ReCreation Mix)​
Compose - Decompose
Arrakis - Aira Force (Lemon8 Remix) 2020 Lemon8 Remaster

Arrakis - Aira Force (Lemon8 Remix) 2020 Lemon8 Remaster

Harry Lemon - Spank

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Jul 19, 2020
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As I mentioned in the first post, managed to find the MP3, so here's a link to the Peetu S remix for Heart of Asia. Sample below:
Found a couple more that seem to still be active, and got their downloads enabled years and years ago:

Sonic Soul - Pornodelica (Sonnenvakuum's 2005 Trance Remix)
Binary Finary & Trent McDermott - Freedom Seekers (Arctic Moon Remix)
- originally released under Insight in 2011, offered for free since 2014 (the entire release, but I think this is the best version of the track)
David West - Carrier (Original 2004 Unreleased Version) -
more melodic breaks than anything, but fantastic track offered since 2011
Bad Tango - Beneath The Surface -
also breaks, and also a great track, from back in 2010
Arctic Moon vs Bryan Kearney vs R.E.M. - Dreamers & Religion (Arctic Moon Mashup)

Harmonic Rush - He's A Pirate

John Askew - Drive The Room (original link John gave out back in 2012)

Vertical Mode - Deep Vibrations (Astrix Remix)


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Jul 13, 2020
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Some Voyager tracks/remixes are downloadable via his Soundcloud

Stef, Pako & Frederik - Magic Shop (Voyager Remix)
Voyager - BarakaBreaks
Voyager - Pure (2010 Euro Mix)
Voyager - Due North
Voyager - Due North (Ambient Version)
Voyager - Spectacle
Voyager - Gravity Express
Voyager - Galactic Core
Voyager - Cosmic Fugue
Voyager - Recycled
Voyager & Kris Avedon - Atari Airport
Voyager - Riddle Of The Ring
Voyager – 2001
DJ's Friction & Spice - Ah Yeah (97 RMX)
DJ's Friction & Spice - You Make Me Feel So Good
Paul Van Dyk - Far And Away (Voyager RMX)
Blake Potter - Timelock (Voyager RMX)
Pure - Pure (Friction's Groove)
Cosmic Duo - Frictions Flavor
Duran Duran - The Reflex (Voyager 2005 Club RMX)
Sasha - Bloodlock (Voyager RMX 2003)
Sasha - Requiem (Voyager RMX)
Sasha - Wavy gravy (Voyager RMX 2002)
Aria - One (Original Mix)
Justin Scott Dixon - Pure (Voyager's Six Speaker Remix)

How come so low bitrate???
Seems its for preview purpose only since some of the tracks are signed to labels.
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