gardenstate - Inspirations (Artist Album) [Anjunabeats]

gardenstate, Nandini Srikar, GVN, KhoMha, Gjon's Tears, Gabriel & Dresden, Andy Moor, PROFF, Mokka, SØNIN, West Of The Sun, Bien
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Aug 15, 2021
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Artist album


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1. Dark Waters
2. Aurora (With Nandini Srikar)
3. Take Me There (With GVN)
4. 1995
5. She Was Looking Into The Sun (With KhoMha)
6. Repondez-moi (With Gjon's Tears)
7. Off The Grid
8. Revival (With Gabriel & Dresden, Andy Moor & PROFF Feat. Mokka)
9. Alma
10. Koski (With SØNIN & West of The Sun (Leon Bolier))
11. By Your Side
12. Sisu
13. 5AM
14. Dusted
15. The Best Part (With Bien)
16. Surreal

"There shouldn't have been a debut album on Anjunabeats, gardenstate shouldn't have existed, and we should have stuck to our normal day job. This album is to everyone out there who has been told that 'you can't do it'."

Be it through passion, determination, or just sheer stubbornness, gardenstate continues to bloom. A transatlantic labour of love from superproducer Marcus Schössow and club promoter Matt Felner, their debut album 'Inspirations' is out October 15 on Above & Beyond's Anjunabeats imprint.

At the heart of Sweden's decade-long domination of club music in the 2010s, Marcus' fifteen-year-long career boasts a smörgårdsbord of styles. You've got electro with 'Swedish Beatballs', the mainstage energy of 'Reverie' and 'Ulysses', and the driving progressive of 'London / 1985'. Few artists have record sleeves from Axtone, Armada, Size, Spinnin' and Anjunadeep in their catalogue. Heavily invested in the early 2010's big room sound, he was a permanent feature in the sets of Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party.

New Jersey native Matt Felner gave up his blue-collar job to follow his passion for electronic music. A respected promoter and performer, he's brought emerging artists to the clubs of New York and the East Coast. In 2008, he toured Marcus Schössow and they became close friends. Eleven years later, and here we are - a hotly-tipped duo with a debut artist album on Anjunabeats.

Making music on their own terms, the gardenstate sound is a melting pot of '90s trance nostalgia, brooding melodic techno, peak-time breaks and poignant song writing. Few acts can worm their way into the DJ sets of Kölsch, Cristoph, Tiestö and Above & Beyond at the same time.

Releases on Joris Voorn's Spectrum Records and Yotto's Odd One Out have nurtured an underground following, while reworks of A&B and Gabriel & Dresden have introduced them to the trance and progressive crowd.

Opening track 'Aurora', co-produced with Paavo from Above & Beyond and featuring vocals from Nandini Srikar, is a love letter to the life-affirming experience Marcus had playing in India. Paavo's studio was also the birthplace for 'Revival', a collaboration with Gabriel & Dresden, Andy Moor and PROFF, while long time friends SØNIN and West Of The Sun (Leon Bolier) join Marcus and Matt for 'Koski'.

'Respondez-moi', a dance floor reworking of Switzerland's 2020 Eurovision entry, partners Marcus and Matt with Gjon's Tears, who finished third in this year's competition.

There's a heavy breaks influence across the album, including '1995', and BBC Radio 1-endorsed 'Take Me There' with GVN, Anjunabeats 750th catalogue release.

gardenstate's debut album 'Inspirations' is available to pre-order now from the Anjuna Music Store. They join Above & Beyond for Group Therapy 450 live from The Drumsheds London on September 4, in addition to two sold out Red Rocks shows on October 21/22.


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Collab with Gjon's Tears, didn't expect that! Will probably give the album a chance.


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Lovely artwork.

Surreal was quality from last year. If 4/5 tracks on the album can reach that same level then we are in for a treat.


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This might be good. Will definitely give this a try when it is released.