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General Rules

Profiles - Only 1 account per user please, keep the names clean and don't use the name/pic of a real artist unless it is you. Profile pictures family friendly as well please folks!

Speaking English - We are an international community. Therefore, only make posts in English please.

Respect other members - Everyone is entitled to an opinion. But we don’t allow racism, discrimination or any form of bullying.

Try and be constructive - If you don’t like something, you can express your thoughts. But do so in a constructive manner.

No spam - We don’t allow any form of promotion, unless it’s about music [tracks, albums, trance events]. When you promote, you only use direct sources. For example, if you share a song, you can implement a YouTube link to that song. But not a link to an external website that contains the YouTube link.

No downloads -We don’t allow any form of illegal downloads (with copyright protected material) This includes sharing downloads of dj-sets and radio-shows without the correct permissions.

Breaking the rules? - Our moderators can act in various ways depending on what happened, ranging from quick message to the full on ban hammer, delivered swiftly and furiously by Katadunkass.

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