Help with Trance cover of ‘Feeling Good’ - Bobby Summa (ft John Ward)

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Sep 7, 2022
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I recorded my friends voice for the vocals on this with my new microphone. (£35 Marantz condenser type with cardioid)

We are making a Trance cover of the classic track ‘Feeling Good’ sung by Nina Simone , Sammy Davis Junior has also sung it, and many years later, MUSE did a great version.

I am the sole music producer in this but ideas are coming from the vocalist, John (and also my wife, who for the first time absolutely loves a track im producing ! )

I added and edited many plugins to get the vocals processed this way. At times 12 are used at once!, but most of the time it’s 10 being used to process it. Is that standard does anyone know? I didn’t look at any advice or YouTube vids for help as it seemed to be going well and didn’t take a huge amount of time to process. But any advice on this is still welcome. 🙂
Placement of the vocals has been a bit of a challenge so far but I ‘think’ I’m getting there and learning.

its at a stage where it’s developed its sound, but I can still refine its direction. I want to avoid it sounding cheesy. I’ve never recorded someone singing or worked with live recordings of vocals.

So far it’s been incredible fun! It was all started 4 days ago. I still have more of my friends recorded vocals to add. And I will likely add synth sounds to what’s currently there.

You might hear a problem in the synths in the intro. I’ve been trying to correct my original chords but couldn’t so tried to fill a gap by implementing an additional sound, it hasn’t worked yet but I will try and improve that bit, then if it works, I can use that sound later too (perhaps).

So far the track is just over 2 mins. Although the recording is longer and the last bit is just drums and some of the synth bass looping which I left in to help me with potential structure ideas when listening back.

Anyway, any help to improve it and try to create a finished product of a nice quality and integrity is very much appreciated.

John Ward Feeling Good 8th Session

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Sep 26, 2020
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I hate to admit it, but I suck at working with vocals unless I have already processed sample ones. Last year I made an effort to work more with vocals and made over 50 mash ups, but at the end I still worked with ready processed vocals even If I get only slightly better.

I think you've done a very good job.


Funny enough I got this email link from splice yesterday I think it might help you a bit. I was thinking of checking it out myself:

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