In Search Of Sunrise - Which one's do you prefer?

Which volume is the best?

  • ISOS 1

    Votes: 11 23.4%
  • ISOS 2

    Votes: 23 48.9%
  • ISOS 3 , Panama

    Votes: 9 19.1%
  • ISOS 4, Latin America

    Votes: 22 46.8%
  • ISOS 5, Los Angeles

    Votes: 9 19.1%
  • ISOS 6, Ibiza

    Votes: 5 10.6%
  • ISOS 7, Asia (Ok ok, for this time)

    Votes: 11 23.4%

  • Total voters


Dec 7, 2022
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I voted 1, 2 and 4. I don’t know if I even sat down and gave 6 and 7 a real try. Judging by the votes here I should try 7.

ISOS 1 contains 2 of my top vocal tracks of all time. That would be Calling Your Name and Mercury & Solace. I miss vocal Trance with this kind of underspoken, delicate touch. Why does no one try and do it like this anymore, it’s heartbreaking.

Julian Del Agranda

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Jul 3, 2020
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Yeah it seems odd I haven’t participated here.

It’s obvious for me though. This series has (somehow) no nostalgic value for me. I was too late to the party.

I haven’t given all these mixes the time they deserve. Based on the tracklists I’d say the first one looks great. The first few have more uptempo full on trance. The series soon focussed more and more on slower moodier proggy trance. More laidback.

But that’s less my trance taste. So it will probably one of the first 3. Should give them a real concentrated listen.