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Hello TranceFix! Today, I would like to share with you my exclusive interview with Borja, known as DIM3NSION, who launches his new side project called Benner.

Together we were talking about 2015 and boom of "Origami", working with Ferry Corsten and his crew, earlier days (like collab with Robbie Seed), pandemic and about a bunch of new Borja's tracks and plans.


1. Hello Borja. Last time, we were talking in 2015. I was at the beginning of my journey with my site, you were in the moment after releasing "Origami" - one of your most popular tracks that began a new chapter in your career. How do you remind this time?

Hello Piotr, first of all, many thanks for the interview, it feels good to come back to talk with you after so many years! 2015 was a very special year in my career because it was the beginning of my professional career with Ferry Corsten's management. We had built a perfect team at that moment and "Origami" was my breakthrough record.

I've never dreamed about to be a DJ and travel the world to play big festivals and epic clubs like Ministry Of Sound, Tomorrowland or Space Ibiza to name few. All those things start to happen after "Origami" in 2015 so I keep a big love from that time.

2. We could hear you in many labels - Coldharbour, ASOT, Pure Trance, even on Blasterjaxx's Maximize but your main home for your releases was Flashover Recordings. What kind of experience brought you a long-time working with Ferry Corsten and his crew?

For me, it was a dream team. The relationship was always perfect and we were pushing our goals every time. I've learnt a lot on that time about the music industry, about labels, contracts, agencies... everything.

When I've started to make music, I just wanted to make music for fun and release it. Now, I know how to build strategies, the importance of a publishing and so many things. It was a fantastic time for me.

3. One thing that we didn't know about Ferry?

Mmmm, maybe that he love eat mussels? (haha)

4. In the background, you said that pandemic changed a lot in your life. Can you, even shortly, explain what exactly have changed in your mind during recent months?

That's true. Pandemic was hard for everyone of course, but in my case, before the pandemic I was building something very solid together with my agency and management, a tour in China, gigs in Europe and America and a lot of plans with new music.

However, after the hardest months of the pandemic, those plans have never been resumed. So it was like a restart for me. I had to reorganize myself and see where I wanted to go.

Now I have been producing a lot of music for other artists and that thing has made me a much better producer. I'm making my best productions ever, I feel very motivated and my energy is full up again. So this year will be a lot of new music from DIM3NSION, I'm trying to build a new team, who believe on the project and I will do my best to be on the road again.

5. Your newest single "Theia" brings us back to the sounds of "Origami". What's more, it was signed by Future Sound Of Egypt and it's your debut there. Was it one of your dreams to get into Aly & Fila's imprint?

I think "Theia" is the perfect track to open a new chapter in my career. It's a sound that my fans has been asked for a long time so I'm very grateful for all that people and DJ's who supported and made possible a TOP 10 on Beatport for more than 15 days, it feels good.

FSOE is an iconic label in the trance scene, so as a trance artist, you have to be there. I'm very proud of being signed on FSOE specially with this record. They are an awesome team, there will be more DIM3NSION tunes on FSOE in 2023!

6. As we're talking about new things from you, your upcoming track "On My Own" comes on Find Your Harmony. As I remember from tracks like "Cima" (released just after "Origami") and many others - your way of career could be described as "not a prisoner of one style"; you're pretty versatile.

Yes! "On My Own" is another of my new records for this 2023, a new vocal track to be released on FYH next February 17. I have been a big fan of Andrew from his first productions, so I'm very happy to get signed there. You don't miss anything! Haha :)

Well, I think that's who I am. I don't like to be a prisioner of just one style. I love to create diversity, produce what I feel, had fun in the studio and can fill a DJ set with my tracks without making it boring.

I very appreciate your description as a lot of times I've thought: "maybe it's not a good idea to produce such as different records", because maybe people is expecting something different, but now I'm able to make different things, so I think I must to take advantage of that and try to be different to other producers.

7. Let's get back even deeper into the past. In 2010 you released a mutual track with Robbie Seed, which even got an ASOT support from Armin van Buuren. Damian is one of the main Polish trance stars, representing our country on A State Of Trance events. How do you remind your work on "Blue Line" and do you still have a contact with each other sometimes?

It's very funny that you mention Robbie, because last week I've send him a message on Instagram. Robbie is very talented, I saw it from the day one of our collab.

I'm very happy that he is being succesful now, he deserves with doing beautiful tracks. I love to see artists you have worked with many years before, who finally finding his path. I'm very happy for Damian.

8. I've also heard that you begin a new project called Benner. Why do you need a launch of your new alter ego?

Benner is the other side of DIM3NSION. Born from the need I had to create more and different type of music that has not place into DIM3NSION sound. Will be focus on melodic techno and progressive house and will be more friendly sound, lush and groovy.

The main idea is to have fun with the productions and then see which new doors can be open. I want to write a new chapter in my career out of trance music but DIM3NSION will still be my main focus, trance will be always my passion and it's where my heart belongs to.

9. "Asama" as Bender will be your next track on Celwin's EDCT Music imprint. I remember the time when I was asking about our first interview, when he was your manager and he was a pretty kind soul to make it from beginning to the end. Can you call him a friend, like there's a space for the friendships on trance scene?

In the distance, but yes - for me Celwin is friend, a true person. In the trance scene or the music industry there are always good and bad people, you have to choose the right ones but you never know who is behind the mask, sometimes you choose wrong and other times life make you find real people like Celwin.

He has helped me a lot and is still doing it, he knows a lot and have a good perspective of the things. It's genuine.

10. What are your plans for upcoming months? More surprising labels, searching for yourself in music, any interesting collaborations?

The schedule for the next months is pretty busy at the moment and that make me very happy and proud. The last two years were very disappointed but it was something out of my hand, there was not a writters block or something like that but getting just two releases out in 2022 is unacceptable for me.

I'm very enthusiastic with 2023 because I've reached some of my personal goals. In the next months I will be releasing regularly with Armada which is a nice step for my career, and I have a very cool collab with Frank Spector on Armind, one of my all time favourite labels, it will be released in March. But will be more tracks in FSOE and FYH as well. Future looks very promising!

11. Could you mention a track from recent months that really inspired/delighted/enchanted you?

I really enjoyed this track: Armin van Buuren feat. Billen Ted & JC Stewart - Come Around Again (Club Mix). This one definitely has enchanted me.

12. Trance scene is still big enough to welcome some new names. Do you have any favorite current talents from our community?

Wow, it's a hard question. I'm doing a weekly radioshow, checkin' like almost 300 promos a week, so I have tons of names on my head at this moment haha. I can say that Robbie Seed is one of that names, even he is not new, but his big talent is exploding, so I bet on him!

Big thanks to Borja for our interview and to TranceFix crew for letting me posting it to you. If you would like it, I will have more conversations to come. Cheers!
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aka Julian Del Agranda
Jul 3, 2020
Assen, Netherlands
I think "Theia" is the perfect track to open a new chapter in my career. It's a sound that my fans has been asked for a long time

I don't really understand what he means.

Theia is nice. But isn't it "classic homage" like many of his productions? Like Eunoia (2022), Feel The Waves (2020), Gaman (2019), Santa Monica (2019), Agarimo (2018), etc.

Not sure why this track is a new chapter?

Z Dobrej Woli

Mar 5, 2022
I don't really understand what he means.

Theia is nice. But isn't it "classic homage" like many of his productions? Like Eunoia (2022), Feel The Waves (2020), Gaman (2019), Santa Monica (2019), Agarimo (2018), etc.

Not sure why this track is a new chapter?

As he said later, in 2022 he released just two tracks. And I think that new chapter means more releases with a new team (including debuts on FSOE or Find Your Harmony).


Jul 26, 2020
nostalgia hit hard with the our old video template :(

was a good read too! very talented producer!
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