John 00 Fleming - New Sound! [2003]

John 00 Fleming
Release title
New Sound!
Label name
Joof Recordings
Release year


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Jul 13, 2020
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Amazing J00F record from his early days. New Sound! contains his traditional attention to ambiance and subtle but strong melodies. Around 4 minutes in, J00F uses a unique synth to drive the first climax of the track, which elevates it above the progpsy sound of the early to mid 2000s. The melodic section of this track feel like a The Digital Blonde production, and in style it reminds me of The Digital Blonde's 2006 album Synthology with its lo fi aesthetic.

New Sound! was largely overlooked throughout much of trance's history, and in fact this track was absent from Youtube up until 4 years ago when the auto-generated video was created. J00F Recordings themselves uploaded this track ~10 months ago. In total, New Sound! has about 220 views on Youtube. It really is one of those undiscovered gems waiting to be heard.

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