Journey's End 7 (2023 Yearmix)


Jul 13, 2020
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Here's the result of picking everything I listened to the most whilst on the move to work and such. Plus Ricky Smith's futuristic dustbin lid from Christmas Day. Posting here specifically for playback to TF users' Nans and Grandads.

Proxi - Journey's End 7 (2023 Yearmix)


Ivan Gough & Marc Edwards - Believe (Luke Chable's Bliss Abyss Remix)
Aquarius - On The Edge
Estiva - Via Infinita
Utopian Streams Vs Candi Staton - Dreams Got The Love (Sweaty Bastards Bootleg)
CLINT - Cyber Coral (Tribal Sensation Mix)
Bliss Inc. - Mind 2 Mind
Allende - Horizon Painter
Synthazia - Siren
A.R.D.I. - Close To You
Solarstone - Shards (LostLegend Remix)
Kebu - Perplexagon Part 3 (Daniel Kandi Remix)
Kylie - Hold On To Now (Trance Wax Remix)
Breakfast - Bounce Until Dawn
Sean Mathews - Set Me Free
R3tr0nauts - This Is The Way
Stoneface & Terminal - Got My Need
The Noble Six - Rings Of Saturn
Project Dino - Kupukupu
Luke Terry - Signals
B From E Ft. Soho Rezanejad - In My Hive
Solarstone - Vision
Stoneface & Terminal - Moonrise
Cape Town - Tears Of Jupiter
Neptune Project Ft. Polly Strange - Pulse (Factor B Remix)
Enigma State - Lunar's Theme
Project Dino - Sagara Margita
Alex Di Stefano - Dark Factory
The Digital Blonde - Synthony
The Noble Six - The Color Out Of Space
Mindflux - Dreaming (Nostic Remix)
Lost Knowledge - Inner World
Enigma State - Waiting For You
Cold Blue - A Beautiful Mind
Simon O'Shine - Eternal Dreamer
Enigma State - State Of Mind
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