Juno Reactor - Return of the Pistolero [2018]


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Jul 13, 2020
In an era where psytech took over the mainstream trance scene (ex. Armin - Bla Bla Bla) and Iboga Records churned out track after track of generic full-on psytrance, Juno Reactor "kept it real" and released a great track inspired by their original hit Pistolero.
Return of the Pistolero is one of my favorite tracks from Juno Reactor. I would love to write an entire paragraph about it, but I think the reviewer over at mxdwn summarizes this track pretty well:
When the opening track, “Return of the Pistolero,” first emerges, it pairs a beautiful vocal harmony with Greek or Indian guitars, perhaps suggesting Juno Reactor’s path down a more acoustic route. If listeners lean in, however, they can hear the various electronic textures peppered into the traditional melody, which eventually erupts into a steady but insistent electronic beat that leans more towards Ibiza than Greece. Once the guitar comes back, though, it is clear that Watkins intended to melt the traditions of the old world with the novelties of the new. A passionate female vocal sample reaches its climax over the heart-racing beats and synths behind it. As the synth beat picks up more and more, a Bowie-esque male vocal sample speaks away in the background. Standing tall for over 11 minutes, Watkins takes his time to unpack all of the secrets hidden inside “Return of the Pistolero,” no matter how fast-paced it may be. With so many tricks and turns, “Return of the Pistolero” sets a high standard for complexity for the rest of The Mutant Theatre.

You don't hear Spanish often in trance (even in psytrance), which is one of the things that makes Return of the Pistolero unique. I would argue that this is one of the better trance tracks from 2018 and, in fact, from the past several years. I hope you enjoy it!


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Jul 20, 2020
That's very nice indeed. Juno Reactor have been around for ages. I'm pleased they are still producing!
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