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Millennium Stringz
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Orbit Records
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Jul 21, 2020
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My favourite creation from Oliver Huntemann & Stephan Bodzin under KayCee alias.

Between these 3 versions I choose Club Mix as my favourite - Vocal Mix has too much vocals, Instrumental Mix completely lacks them and Club Mix has the lyrics which fit just perfectly 😁

I also consider Millennium Stringz as one of the anthems of trance, especially after it was an opening track to one of my favourite live sets - Dj Tiesto at Energy 2000 (Eindhoven, Netherlands), 31.12.1999.

Calling all children of the earth, are you ready for rebirth?
Millennium is here, but there's no reason to fear.

The time has come, when all men must live as one,
So put down your weapons, put down your guns,
Only then are we truly free?....You will see.

In this millennium, I broke the sound barrier,
In the next millennium, I'll break the speed of light,
In the third millennium, I reach warp speed


Kiss the skyscrapers, come down to earth.
Be my prince, sweetheart, goodbye.

KayCee - Millennium Stringz (Club Mix)

KayCee - Millennium Stringz (Vocal Mix)

KayCee - Millennium Stringz (Instrumental Mix)
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