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Jul 7, 2020
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Last weekend I visited Antwerp and stumbled upon a recordshop which had some trance LP's. For the record, I do not own a record player, but that did not stop me from buying "F&W - You Will Understand". Childhood memories with this one. On my way out I also came across "Albert Vorne - A Leaden Way". I couldn't resist and bought this one also, remembering that it has the M.I.K.E. remix which is just pure class.

Trance4m8tor Can you recommend a good record player which can also rip LP's into Wav. / Flac files?

What did you buy?
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Jul 17, 2020
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I do not own a record player, but that did not stop me from buying


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Jul 3, 2020
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Assen, Netherlands
It’s addictive to complete a certain collection. For example I have a lot of Silicon Records vinyls. With old Jesselyn tracks and such. Also I’ve got pretty much all Zzap Recordings vinyls, which is the old label of Richard Durand when he was still active as G-Spott. And of course, I have pretty much all Svenson/Airscape tracks on a record.

My latest addition was a birthday gift from a friend who knew I didn’t have Thrillseekers “Dreaming Of You” (which contains a Svenson & Gielen remix.
Jul 19, 2022
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Last vinyl was for a rare record I've always wanted a copy of. I'd never really heard a good copy of any of the tracks on it except for Tesi, which IIRC had a Digi release at some point on a comp. I managed to get an unplayed copy at least, though the B-side is a terribly shite press. I managed to remove most of the noise at least so it sounds awesome now, but I guess there is a reason all the rips I saw on Youtube for Sintesi were so bad.

Other than that, I buy records to make digital copies of old stuff I can't find otherwise. There are so many defunct labels that will just be buried in the sands of time otherwise, and it's neat to have these obscure (excellent) tracks to mix with. Especially for late 90s prog trance and house. There was just so much excellent stuff that never made it to Digital and likely never will. Once I rip them though, they go in a box I never look or think about hehe. I should prob sell them or mail them all to @Trance4m8tor


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Jul 16, 2020
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Valenciennes, France
I know, I was searching Discogs all night for more releases and places to buy non digital releases :)
Did you know that Discogs once had all Juno digital back catalogue for the price of Audiojelly? I can still still recall buying from them. Their business very unfortunately quickly folded though with Beatport taking over global monopoly.


Apr 27, 2021
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for my fellow hip hop heads, I know that for christmas my wife has got me a copy of DangerDOOM - The Mouse and the Mask. big MF DOOM fan over here